Image and Dominion

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Fulfilling God’s Purpose by Expressing Him with His Image and Representing Him with His Dominion

The Purpose of God and the Gospel of God concerning Image and Dominion

God’s Plan and God’s Rest

The Procedures God Must Take to Carry Out His Eternal Purpose

The Person and Work of Christ in the Expression and Enlargement of God’s Image and Dominion

The God of Peace Crushing Satan under the Feet of the Believers: the Believers’ Exercise of God’s Dominion over His Enemy


The Fall’s Impact on Image and Dominion

The Word of Righteousness
The Overcomers in the Seven Churches (5)

Genesis (3)

Wilbourne’s Union with Christ
Ingram’s The Real Heaven
Beaseley’s Proverbs 3:5&6
Lancaster’s Improving the Quality of Your Eternal Life


The Crystallization
The Good News of Image and Dominion

A & C Vol. XXI No.2 - Fall 2016 (cover) current issue
Image and Dominion
Vol. XXI • No.2
Fall 2016

*Beginning in 2001, the publication schedule for A&C was changed from four to two issues a year.