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A&C Press is pleased to announce the first English translation of Jules Gross’s seminal work The Divinization of the Christian according to the Greek Fathers. Since its publication in French in 1938, Gross’s book has been the primary reference work on deification in the period of Greek patristics. The book contains a compilation and translation of over 1,250 texts on deification, which inform the author’s analysis of the doctrine’s development from the apostolic fathers to John of Damascus. It is a work of impressive scholarship that draws upon all the major critical editions of the texts.

The Divinization of the Christian demonstrates how widely the conception of theosis was held in the early church and the role that it played in the major christological and pneumatological debates of the time. For scholars who are working in the fields of patristics or historical theology, this is an indispensable resource. For scholars in biblical studies, a substantial section also is devoted to the origins of the doctrine in the Bible and in pseudepigraphical writings.

Those familiar with the original work in French will find that the scholarly apparatus has been completely updated and a number of new features added, including a table of authors and works, a biblical index, and an extensive subject index. We invite you to examine this book in more detail.

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The Divinization of the Christian according to the Greek Fathers
by Jules Gross

Translated by Paul A. Onica
Introduced by Kerry S. Robichaux and Paul A. Onica

The Divinization of the Christian (cover)

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