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Motivating a reconsideration of the crucial aspects of Christian thought and practice in light of a vital, yet neglected, aspect of the Bible—the oikonomia of God (Eph. 3:9). The essential and profound truths of the Bible, which involve God's dispensing of Himself and all that He has into man, are affirmed, and many traditional teachings are responsibly critiqued in light of this economy.

An Invitation

We recognize that some of our readers may wish to engage in a constructive dialogue in response to our affirmation and critique. We invite, therefore, reasonable, article length responses to our presentations. (Read More)

A&C Press

A & C Press is pleased to announce the publication of The Divinization of the Christian according to the Greek Fathers, which details the central role of the concept of deification in the patristic period of the Christian Church. Long available only in the French language, the content of this seminal work is now available to a wider audience in this first-ever translation into English.

A & C Press, an imprint of Living Stream Ministry, publishes scholarly works on Christian faith and theology.

A & C Vol. XXIII No.2 - Fall 2018 (cover) current issue
Ephesians Chapter 3
Vol. XXIII • No.2
Fall 2018

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