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The One New Man (cover)
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The One New Man
Vol. XVIII • No. 1 • Spring 2013

* See Clarification below.



Clarification: In note 5 on page 84 of the article “The God of Newness and the One New Man” (Spring 2013), there is the statement: “The new man is both created or produced as a new being from nothing that existed before and made or formed from what already exists.” This statement is seemingly in contradiction to Witness Lee’s statement on page 19 of his article in the same issue, entitled “The New Man.” He says, “The new man, unlike the old, was not created out of nothing. On the contrary, the new man was created out of the old man.” The phrase nothing that existed before is better intended to be a reference to the divine life that was not present in the old creation, but this was not clearly specified. The one new man was created from existing elements in the old creation—Jews and Gentiles—but its creation involved an element that was not previously present in the old creation—the divine life and nature. Witness Lee makes this point on page 18 of his article, saying, “There is a basic difference between the new creation and the old creation. God’s life and nature are not wrought into the old creation, but the new creation does possess the divine life and the divine nature.” The following revision hopefully clarifies the note: “The Genesis account first involved the formation of man from an existing element, that is, the dust of the ground, and then his enlivening creation with a new element, that is, the divine breath. In contrast, the one new man was first created on the cross with the divine life from elements of the old creation (Jews and Gentiles) and is now being formed and manifested through the mingling of divinity and redeemed humanity and through the believers’ experience of Christ’s death and resurrection.”

Christ versus Religion
Vol. XXIX • No. 1 • Spring 2024

Christ versus Religion (cover image)

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