The Book of Acts
Vol. XXIV • No. 1 • Spring 2019

* See Correction below.



Correction: On page 23 of the article “The Move of the Spirit in the Expression, Function, and Increase of the Body in Acts” (Spring 2019), there is the statement: “There is no indication in chapter 8 of how the word of God came to Samaria.” This statement is incorrect, because verse 5 explicitly says, “Philip went down to the city of Samaria and proclaimed the Christ to them.” A footnote to verse 5 identifies the Philip in this verse as “not the Philip among the apostles (1:13) but the Philip among the seven appointed by the apostles to serve tables (6:5). Through his ministry in preaching the gospel, as recorded in this chapter, he was manifested to be an evangelist (21:8)” (Witness Lee, Recovery Version).

Vol. XXVII • No. 1 • Spring 2022

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