An Invitation

We recognize that some of our readers may wish to engage in a constructive dialogue in response to our affirmation and critique. We invite, therefore, reasonable, article length responses to our presentations (3000 words or less). We welcome, and will provide space for, articles that present alternative scholarly views on the issues we have addressed. These will appear in an occasional department called "Counterpoint." While we reserve our editorial privilege to accept or reject submissions, the submissions we print will bear their original content. Submissions to "Counterpoint" will be accepted if they are thoughtful and delivered in a proper spirit. Only signed contributions will be accepted. Needless to say, we will offer our further comments on the points raised by these guest authors. On matters of great import we welcome an ongoing exchange in print. Submissions can be sent to Affirmation & Critique via e-mail: Please send as a PDF and as an electronic Word document in order to facilitate its review and its formatting and typesetting, should it be accepted for inclusion in this journal. Submissions will not be returned and must not have appeared previously in print. Upon selection for inclusion, the author(s) will be notified.

A & C Vol. XXIII No.2 - Fall 2018 (cover) current issue
Ephesians Chapter 3
Vol. XXIII • No.2
Fall 2018

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